Remembering the Martyrs: The Trial of Michael Sattler

An introduction and creative liturgy ideas focussing on the trial of this first-generation Anabaptist leader.

The Fall of Münster

Stuart Murray Williams examines the infamous incident at Münster and provides resources for a response.

Type: Article

The Feast of Fools

This resource contains liturgical and teaching material for churches or communities that want to celebrate the Feast of Fools.

Anabaptism: Introductory Reading List

A list of book titles for those beginning to explore Anabaptism.

Type: Books

Anabaptist Core#3

Learning from the experience and perspectives of movements such as Anabaptism that rejected standard Christendom assumptions and pursued alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

Type: Video

Anabaptist Core#2

Jesus is the focal point of God’s revelation. Committed to a Jesus-centered approach to the Bible and community of faith, we read the Bible to discern and apply its implications for discipleship.

Type: Video