Hospitality and Community After Christendom

This seminar explores how and why we should use sharing food to both practice hospitality and build up Christian community, whether at house-group or congregational level.

Type: Video

Subversive Celebrant

A chapter from Noel Moules’ book, ‘Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace’ offered by Peacemeal.

Type: Article

Hospitality before and after Christendom

Stuart Murray Williams explores the subject of hospitality from an historic viewpoint.

Type: Article

Gathering Around the Table

An Anabaptist meal liturgy.

Type: Liturgy

Children and Communion: a framework for discussion

Churches are often uncertain about how to decide whether children should be welcome to participate in communion. What follows is offered, not as an answer to this question, but as a framework for discussion, highlighting some of the key issues that churches need to consider.

Type: Article