Published three times a year between November 1992 and November 2004, the Anabaptism Today journal was dedicated to exploring radical church history and its implications for discipleship today. Its aim has been to provide resources for those interested in Anabaptism, by introducing readers to sixteenth-century Anabaptists, printing articles and book reviews that reflect on the significance of Anabaptist convictions for church and society in the twenty-first century, and encouraging ongoing dialogue.

Having been out of circulation for some years, the Anabaptism Today Journal re-launched in 2019. Now published twice a year, it remains devoted to the investigation of contemporary issues from an Anabaptist perspective. Its primary focus is on how Anabaptism has been re-imaged and applied away from its traditional homelands. The journal also welcomes scholarly articles on Anabaptist biblical interpretation and Anabaptist history, and still includes a significant number of book reviews for those looking to expand their reading.

The journal is hosted on its own website where you can register as a reader and get notifications of new issues.

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