The Feast of Fools

This resource contains liturgical and teaching material for churches or communities that want to celebrate the Feast of Fools.

Reading the Bible after Christendom

This webinar will draw from Lloyd’s book with the same title and will explore ways of reading the Bible that take seriously the teaching and example of Jesus.

Type: Video

Joining Jesus Outside the Camp

The biblical narrative centres on people and places found at the margins. It tells the story of God’s adventure in those margins. It summons God’s people to join Messiah Jesus outside the camp.

Type: Video

Books about Anabaptism

A comprehensive list of reading on many Anabaptist issues.

Type: Books

Reading the Deuteronomistic History after Christendom

How are we to interpret those parts of the Old Testament that raise many ethical issues? An exploration of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings.

Type: Article

Gospel & Culture After Christendom

As we leave the Christendom era, we have an opportunity to ask which of our convictions and practices are truly shaped by the gospel and which were shaped by a fading culture.

Type: Article