Transmission 2023

Who’s my neighbor? This video is the fourth in the Transmission series, and explores migration and displacement in 5 regions of the world: the Mexican-American border, Colombia, the DRC, Lebanon and Greece.

Transmission is a series of five 10-minute video productions leading up to 2025, the 500th anniversary celebration of the Anabaptist movement. With one more to come, each of the productions gives voice to young adults from five continents. In each case, they struggle with the issues they face as Anabaptist Mennonites.

A study guide is provided with each video to bring additional perspective and depth to faith journeys in home study groups. Latin Americans, North Americans, Europeans worked together to bring this unique production to life. Find all the videos on and search for Transmission.

Read more about the Transmission project on the film producers website, Affox.

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