Transmission 2021 Indonesia

In Transmission, Hani and Adi share amazing faith journeys as they relate as Mennonites (a small minority) and Muslims (a large majority) in Indonesia. Hani reflects on how she sees the face of God in the people (both Muslim and Christian) she encounters in the remote village of Tempur, high in the mountains of Jepara. Adi introduces us to the power of interfaith dialogue and the resulting transformation of Solo from a city of violence to a city of peace.

Transmission is a series of five, 10-minute video productions leading up to 2025, the 500-year celebration of the Anabaptist movement. Indonesia 2021 is the second in that series. With three more to go, each of the productions give voice young adults from five continents. In each case, they grapple with issues faced as Anabaptist Mennonites.

From Indonesia we jump to the Netherlands where the relationship between Anabaptists and Muslims is impacted by a Muslim minority. Finally, we discover social services provided by North American young adults walking with refugees in Greece, regardless of their beliefs.

Read more about the Transmission project on the film producers website, Affox.

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