Analysing the apocalypse

March 30, 2020

Paul Milbank, the AMN regional representative in the Channel Islands, is inviting anyone to join a Host Zoom conversation:

Analysing the Apocalypse
The word ‘apocalypse’ might strike you as a bit extreme. 
But as you will no doubt know, our popular use of this word is disconnected from its roots in the biblical imagination. 
An apocalypse is a moment of uncovering. A moment when the fog of constructed and managed reality lifts and we can see the world in a new light. It does have a note of the catastrophic, but it’s also a moment of awakening – the birth of a new way of seeing.

I can’t think of a more appropriate word for where I think we are right now – except maybe the word ‘disillusionment’, which carries the same tone of loss, fear and insecurity, but with a flip-side which is about the necessary removal of a layer of concealment.

Both words also speak of an inner transformative experience in correspondence to outward events beyond our control. 
And with the fog lifting, I’m noticing some really interesting human social, economic and spiritual phenomena right now – and I’m really desperate this discuss this with someone! I thought, since so much of what we try to think about at Host is what the next world might look like, the Host community might be a good place to go. 

So I’m setting up a curated Zoom chat and I’m asking if you’d like to take part.

Our conversation will be structured in the style of a good ol’ SWOT analysis. We’ll be asking four questions about the current moment from the perspective of people who are interested in a renewed world, hold a particular imagination in common, and have often prayed for a different Kingdom to invade our present order (Thy Kingdom come) – 

From the perspective of a renewed world:
– What are the strengths of this moment?
– What are the weaknesses?
– Where are the opportunities?
– Where are the threats?

So if you’d like to take part – get in touch with Paul at [email protected] and let me know what dates you could join us.

Would a slot of 7-9pm UK time work for you on: 
1) Sunday 5th April
2) Wednesday 8th April
3) Sunday 12th April
4) Tuesday 14th April
5) Wednesday 15th April

Or slot of 8-10am UK time on: 
6) Tuesday 7th April
7) Thursday 9th April
8) Friday 10th April
9) Tuesday 14th April
10) Friday 17th April