Trustee Update

March 30, 2020

The AMN trustees decided some months ago to meet via Zoom on 26 March, not realising that there would be no alternative to this virtual meeting. We spoke about the sense we have of it being a time of new beginnings and new opportunities which AMN wants to encourage and facilitate – although how that will work out given the current situation remains to be seen. Here are some things we discussed and decided:

·        We received encouraging reports from our Resources Group and Communications Group. Over the coming weeks we will be adding many more resources to our website. Our Facebook site is also now attracting increasing traffic.

·        Following the energized consultation at the beginning of March, we will now set up another group to take forward the commitment to help those who want to plant Anabaptist churches or enable existing churches to embrace Anabaptist convictions and practices.

·        Linda Wilson was appointed as vice-chair. We are continuing to look for two or three new trustees to join the board from November when two of our trustees (Diane Melchert and Stuart Murray Williams) step down.

·        We are planning to buy another large rental property in Birmingham that will provide us with further income to use for grants and bursaries.

Our next meeting is in July – hopefully face-to-face.