The Armchair Anabaptist

September 5, 2023

A new Podcast was launched by the Evangelical Mennonite Conference at the beginning of this year. There are now more than a dozen episodes available to listen to.

Rather than centering a single person on each episode, they centre on a question or series of questions—and include numerous guests and their variety of perspectives to help dive deeper into this question.

Voices so far include Dr. Layton Friesen, Pastor Brian Zahnd, Betty Pries, Dr. Terry Hiebert, Dr. Greg Boyd, Dr. Carol Penner, Dr. Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld, Pastor Cyndy Warkentin, Pastor Cameron McKenzie, Stephanie, Travis, Jennifer and Deborah from the EMC’s Many Rooms Church Community, Pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler.

The news about the launch can be found here, and the blog episodes can be found here.