Ross, Steve and Anabaptists

June 10, 2020

In the SW of England, we have been developing small faith communities with Anabaptist flavours 🙂 connected together for occasional gatherings and using online technology to facilitate wider happening like training, coaching and encouraging each other. 

Our latest initiative – Open – has been a new digital community spurred on by the Covid crisis and the trend for online learning and connection. Each Sunday at 7pm, we gather for Open – where we are open to the Spirit, open to each other and open to the questions we have about life, faith and our walk with Jesus. For several weeks now, between 8 and 12 of us have been exploring why historically marginal Christian traditions and spiritualities have been in vogue these last few years – new monasticism, Celtic Christianity and of course, Anabaptism. We also pray and worship together and try and experiment with multi-voiced approaches.

I’ve also put together a rough video interview with my co-facilitator Ross – enjoy.