Books about Anabaptism

We recommend the following for those looking for an introduction to Anabaptism:

William Estep: The Anabaptist Story (Eerdmans, 1996)

Walter Klaassen: Anabaptism in Outline (Herald Press, 1981)
Meic Pearse: The Great Restoration: The Religious Radicals of the 16th and 17th Centuries (Paternoster, 1998)
C. Arnold Snyder: Anabaptist History and Theology (Pandora Press, 1995)
C. Arnold Snyder: From Anabaptist Seed (Pandora Press, 1999)
C. Arnold Snyder: Following in the Footsteps of Christ (Darton, Longman & Todd, 2004)
J Denny Weaver: Becoming Anabaptist (Herald Press, 1987)
Stuart Murray: The Naked Anabaptist (Paternoster, 2011)

The following are more detailed or offer studies of particular aspects of Anabaptism:

Claus-Peter Clasen: Anabaptism – A Social History 1525-1618 (Cornell University Press, 1972)
Hans-Jurgen Goertz: The Anabaptists (Routledge, 1996)
Stuart Murray: Biblical Interpretation in the Anabaptist Tradition (Pandora Press, 2000)
Wilbert Shenk (ed.): Anabaptism and Mission (Herald Press, 1984)
George H Williams: The Radical Reformation (Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, 1992)

Several books written by members of the Anabaptist Network in recent years draw on Anabaptist perspectives. These include:

Alan Kreider: Journey Towards Holiness (Marshalls, 1986)
Nigel Wright: The Radical Kingdom (Kingsway, 1986)
Nigel Wright: The Radical Evangelical (SPCK, 1996)
Keith Jones: A Believing Church (Baptist Union, 1998)
Eleanor Kreider: Given for You: A Fresh Look at Communion (IVP, 1998)
Stuart Murray: Church Planting: Laying Foundations (Paternoster, 1998)
Nelson Kraybill: On the Pilgrim’s Way (Herald Press, 1999)
Stuart Murray: Beyond Tithing (Paternoster, 2000)
Nigel Wright: Disavowing Constantine (Paternoster, 2000)
Jonathan Bartley: The Subversive Manifesto (Bible Reading Fellowship, 2003)
James Krabill & Stuart Murray: Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom (Herald Press, 2011)

An Anabaptist Prayer Book
Take Our Moments and Our Days Volume One Ordinary Time is a collection of morning and evening prayer services. The services constitute a repeating four-week cycle, prepared for the period between Pentecost and Advent. The services focus on the teaching and ministry of Jesus: the Lord’s Prayer (week one), the Beatitudes (week two), Jesus’ parables (week three), and Jesus’ miracles (week four). The prayer services are designed for use by small groups or families, although they are suitable for individuals as well.
Take Our Moments and Our Days Volume Two Advent through Pentecost is also available.
Editors: Arthur Paul Boers, Eleanor Kreider, John Rempel, Mary H. Schertz, Barbara Nelson Gingerich

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