Update from the Trustees

December 2, 2020

The AMN Trustees recently met via Zoom, during Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November.  As always, there was a packed agenda, but there was time for plenty of discussion about the future, alongside the more routine business.

At this meeting Stuart Murray Williams and Diane Melchert stepped down as trustees.  Stuart has chaired the trust over the last few years and steered the London Mennonite Trust into the merge with the Anabaptist Network to form the current AMN trust.  We are grateful to all that Stuart has done and look forward to still being able to call on his advice in the future!  Diane has also made significant contributions to the trust in her years with LMT and AMN, and we will miss her wisdom and experience. 

We are glad, however, to welcome Chris Horton and (shortly) Patience Zikhali as new trustees, and look forward to all they will have to offer to the trust in the next season.

It does feel like a new season, despite still being in the middle of Covid times.  It is great to see our partners and projects flourishing amidst the difficulties, and good to reaffirm our connections with the Anvil trust (see their new website, https://jesus-shalom.org/) and to be involved in an exciting new project, of which more in a future post!

Linda Wilson, chair of AMN trustees.