Study Course

Core Convictions Study Guide: Session 2

Unpacking the 1st Core Conviction

Core Convictions Study Guide: Session 1

An introduction to the Study Guide, including an exploration of Convictions, Creeds and Confessions.

The Feast of Fools

This resource contains liturgical and teaching material for churches or communities that want to celebrate the Feast of Fools.

Peace & Power series

This is the first document under the ‘Peace and Power’ theme, which is the first of several introductions to ‘shalom’ offered by Workshop.

Reading the Bible after Christendom – Study Guide

A study guide to accompany Lloyd Pietersen’s book of the same name.

After Christendom Study Course

After Christendom: following Jesus on the margins is one of a number of short courses that have been developed by the Anabaptist Mennonite Network.