From Mennonite to Anabaptist: Mennonite Witness in England since 1974

Alan Kreider reports on the significant developments in the Mennonite mission as he witnessed them.

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Economical with the Truth: Swearing and Lying – An Anabaptist Perspective

We believe that there’s a connection between that kind of respectable swearing and a crisis of truthfulness in our time.

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Baptism and Catechesis as Spiritual Formation

When Christians rediscover baptism, they also discover that it can’t be done lightly.

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Violence and Mission in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries: Lessons for Today

What happened in the Roman world in the fourth and fifth centuries in violence and mission has had immense consequences.

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What If ?

Questions to explore the link between economics and spirituality, from the epilogue of Beyond Tithing by Stuart Murray.

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Bounded sets or Centred Sets?

A short article by Stuart Murray Williams exploring community boundaries.

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