Hospitality and Community After Christendom

Some years ago, Urban Expression in partnership with the Anabaptist Network and Bristol Baptist College ran several webinars. These were hosted and recorded by the Church of the Brethren in the US.

This seminar explores how and why we should use sharing food to both practice hospitality and build up Christian community, whether at house-group or congregational level. Reference will also be made to the style of hospitality and food-sharing which ‘eating Jesus-style’ demands.

Andrew Francis is a community theologian, published poet and writer of several books, including Hospitality & Community After Christendom (2012), Anabaptism: Radical Christianity (2011) and What in God’s Name are You Eating? (2014). He was the UK Anabaptist Network’s first Development Worker and served as executive vice-chair of the UK Mennonite Trust until 2013.

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