In the early 2000s, regional leaders in the Baptist Union of Victoria (Australia) became concerned about unhealthy practices in the churches they visited and served. As they shared their experiences, they detected five significant underlying issues:

• Poor self-awareness

• Lack of communication

• Inability to handle difference and conflict

• Poor understanding of how to make decisions together

• Unrealistic and unclear roles and expectations

In response, they produced some resources for churches to use to help them address these issues, calling it ‘Fit4Life’. Although these resources are rooted in a Baptist context and in an Australian setting, we believe they resonate strongly with the Anabaptist vision and are easy to translate into a UK context and non-Baptist churches.

Since it was produced in 2004, the Anabaptist Network has been the UK distributor of this CD-based material. We have now received permission to make these resources freely available on our website. They can be downloaded and used as you wish.

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