• Bruxy Cavey Cancelled

    Sadly, ongoing travel and gathering restrictions mean that the visit to the UK of Bruxy Cavey cannot go ahead.

  • Online Forums

    News of two upcoming online events in June and July.

  • Virtual Groups

    There has been increasing interest in an online Anabaptist study group (no doubt lockdown has been a factor in this). Enough people have expressed interest that we can now pursue this.

  • CAS Update

    A brief update from the Centre for Anabaptist Studies in Bristol.

  • CPT UK Update

    For those who are not already signed up to receive updates from the Christian Peacemaker Teams in the UK, they have just sent an update.

  • Peaceful Borders’ response to COVID-19

    Juliet Kilpin writes about the challenges of work amongst refugees and asylum seekers during this virus outbreak.

  • ATF Moving Online

    In light of the current restrictions on gathering, the Forum will offer the planned sessions in four online Zoom meetings on Thursday afternoons between 2 and 4pm.

  • The Crucible Course

    Update on the Crucible Course for this year.

  • Analysing the apocalypse

    Paul Milbank, the AMN regional representative in the Channel Islands, is inviting anyone to join a Host Zoom conversation he has titled 'Analysing the apocalypse'.