• Anabaptist Online MA

    The Centre for Anabaptist Studies, has received permission to teach their MA course online, making it globally accessible.

  • New Study Groups

    News of a new group starting in South London, and another possible gathering in the West Midlands.

  • Singleness and Marriage After Christendom book launch

    Online book launch on 8 Nov 2021.

  • CAS Annual Lecture 2021

    The Centre for Anabaptist Studies is presenting its 2021 Annual Lecture on 24 November at 10.30am. Lloyd Pietersen will speak on the subject of Paul, Nachfolge Christi and Gelassenheit: Reading Paul with the Radical Reformers.

  • Hopetowns Mid Year Report

    It's been a challenging year for Hopetowns as the project has endeavoured to adapt it's support of refugees and asylum seekers. They have just produced a really encouraging mid year report that is well worth reading.

  • New After Christendom Books

    There have been two new books in the After Christendom series that have been launched recently. Interpreting the Old Testament by Jeremy Thomson, and Singleness and Marriage by Lina Toth.

  • Images of God and Nonviolence

    Church and Peace will gather online in September for its 2021 AGM and international conference.

  • Crucible Course – Autumn

    The Crucible Course is running online again in October and November, with two modules.

  • Summer Newsletter

    For those not subscribed to our newsletter, here is the link to the latest edition.