New Issue of Anabaptism Today

April 25, 2023

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2023) of the journal has just been published and contains the following articles:

Melchior Rinck, the Diabolical Practice of Infant baptism, and Non-Heroic Anabaptism by Stuart Murray Williams. This is a transcript of the Centre for Anabaptist Studies’ annual lecture of 2022.

“Putin Has Cured Me of My Pacifism”: Ethical Issues Confronting Mennonites in Light of the Russian War against Ukraine by Joshua Searle. First presented at the Anabaptist Theology Forum last year, Joshua tests the Anabaptist commitment to peace against the backdrop of the current war in Ukraine.

A Theological Reflection on the Notion of Convictions, and Reflecting on Convictions as Theology by David McMillan. Utilising the work of James McClendon and James Smith, David interrogates the Anabaptist Mennonite Network’s seven core convictions.

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