Disobeying The Law?

December 2, 2020

The early Anabaptists defied the authorities when they were forbidden to meet together. They met secretly in homes, caves, forests, even on boats on a lake. They resisted all attempts by the authorities to control their churches. When caught, they were often arrested, imprisoned, fined, had their property confiscated, were tortured and sometimes executed. But Anabaptists also recognised that the authorities were ordained by God and had responsibilities to maintain order, punish offenders and act for the good of society.

There is an ongoing debate about whether churches in Britain today should obey or resist lockdown restrictions that preclude meeting for worship. The context and the reason for these restrictions are very different from the context and reasons in the 16th century.

These two articles (neither from an Anabaptist perspective) explore different responses. How might Anabaptists today respond to these restrictions?

‘Let us disobey’: Churches defy lockdown with secret meetings

Spreading the Word, Spreading the Plague

From Stuart Murray Williams