Connecting with Europe

May 11, 2022

Last week one of our trustees, Joshua Searle, spoke at two anabaptist-themed conferences in Europe, one in Amsterdam and one in Berlin. At the Amsterdam conference he spoke in English about anabaptist approaches to truth-telling in a time of war. At the Berlin conference, he spoke in German as part of a panel discussion about different expressions of anabaptism in various parts of Europe. Joshua spoke at length about the AMN and there was a lot of interest and a lot of people at the conference were particularly interested in the fact that the anabaptist movement isn’t restricted to a particular denomination, as tends to be the case in continental Europe.

Here are a couple of photos from the two conferences – one is with David Gushee, the distinguished anabaptist-leaning ethicist, who was recently appointed to the Chair of Christian Ethics at the Vrie University of Amsterdam.