Goodbye London Mennonite Trust

Many of you will know that some time ago the trustees of the London Mennonite Trust agreed that the organisation would be much better served transferring to a new legal entity, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Although the public face of the charity changed to the Anabaptist Mennonite Trust (the CIO), the legal transfer has been held up by the need to sell a property. The good news is that this sale has now been completed and all the paperwork signed off. The London Mennonite Trust will therefore shortly be closed down.

This is not really an ending. The trustees and staff and operations all continue within the AMN, supplemented by the activities and people from the Anabaptist Network. We continue in the spirit of the London-based trust and centre, grateful for the generosity and vision of those who came before, but ready to embrace new opportunities in new ways.

So, the ending of a name, but the mission lives on.