CAS Modules for 2019-20

The Centre for Anabaptist Studies is offering the following modules in 2019-20:

18-22 November 2019: Anabaptist Ethics and Hermeneutics: exploring the distinctive ways in which the early Anabaptists interpreted the Bible and the contemporary significance of their approach to a range of ethical issues.

10-13 February 2020: Anabaptist Origins and Distinctives: the best module to start on this course, introducing the story of the Anabaptists and their distinctive practices – and why these are resonating with many of us today.

30 March-1 April 2020: Biblical and Practical Peacemaking: exploring approaches to issues of violence in church history, biblical resources on peacemaking and a range of practical peacemaking initiatives.

27-30 April: Study of a Text: exploring a text from a contemporary Anabaptist writer – in this module James McClendon.

You are welcome to participate in any of these block weeks at Bristol Baptist College, whether or not you want to study towards a qualification. All these modules are also available online and so they can be studied anywhere and at your own pace – for interest or toward a qualification.

For further information about any aspect of the Centre please contact Stuart Murray Williams at [email protected]